About Blog-
It all started with a name Lazygulrox.
A girl who was in love with fashion, who would sit behind her computer screen and just look at the fashion world with an awe. Timid in experimenting, I just watched and let the time flow by. I love designing clothes but because of lack of basic drawing skills I was afraid to draw all the ideas I had in my mind. My mind was filled daily with different ideas and knowledge of this Fashion world. It was time to burst out and that is when I searched online and found the amazing site Girlsense and started designing there and kept my Username as Lazygulrox . But for me that was not enough and I started reading blogs and fell in love with the concept.

Thinking that it was a great idea to support my passion, I thus started my blog. It is an informative blog about all things related to fashion, my own ideas and fashion ramblings. The name stayed Lazygulrox.

About me-

Dreamer.Traveler at heart. Love to read books,pink (that is quite obvious from the blog), vintage things & roses. Bias towards Aztec print, Polka dots and pastel colours. Currently a Fashion Communication student in a fashion school.

I hope you enjoy the blog, the way I enjoy writing it.