Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pampering the Make-up brushes

Hi guys. Today's post is about hygienic care for the make-up brushes, sponges and beauty blenders that we love so much. Whether you use make-up regularly or occasionally, deep cleansing of the brushes is necessary as it is not only good for the skin but also for the life span of the brushes.

The simplest homemade solution for deep cleansing has just two ingredients - nourishing oil and gentle soap in 1:2 proportion. For further cleansing you can add a bit of shampoo and conditioner. too.

Here, I have used gentle liquid hand-wash and olive oil. After mixing the concoction, dip your brushes in it. Take a dish or any thing with a bumpy design side up as shown in the picture and gently start rubbing the brush on the the dish in the same motion you generally use the brush e.g. a blush brush should be rubbed on in circular motion whereas a foundation brush moves in straight lines on both side. Now put the brush under running water making sure the stem of the brush is not in water (as that holds the glue for the bristles). 

After running all brushes through water and removing excess water gently, keep them to dry near a window with bristles elevated out like in the above image. 

For sponges and beauty blender, dip them whole in the concoction and then massage the make-up off them in running water. Be gentle while rubbing or massaging them as they can easily rip off due to aggressive motion. As the sponge and beauty blender take in water and increase in size, it is necessary be careful while all the water has been gently squeezed out of them before they are set for drying. Further you can wrap them in a towel and massage in similar way like before to remove excess moisture as shown below.

The brushes might still retain some water, so another method is to cover your palm with a towel and rub the brushes in similar motion as done on the dish. By doing this, any excess water is then on the towel and further helps the drying process.

It might take a whole night for all the tools to dry completely. After drying your brushes, sponges and beauty blender are thoroughly clean and ready for the next beauty session.

Remember to pamper your make-up brushes regularly and have a hygienic routine for make-up that is good for your skin.

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