Tuesday, July 12, 2016

First Home Decor DIY

Hi guys, I was really excited for this project as it was the first time I was going to sharing a DIY relating to home decor. These DIYs are so simple and require just glue to make them. Though simple they can instantly add character to your desk.

Wooden Bangle Pen-stand :
Remember those days when chunky wooden bangles were statement jewelry but now they are just another accessory stacked in your cupboard. This DIY is really an amazing way for their make-over and for putting them to good use.

First cut-out a cardboard base for your your pen-stand with the help of the widest wooden bangle of the lot. 

Then just stack them as you want deciding a pattern. Once you decide the pattern stick the widest bangle to the base and stick the rest with fevicol one on the other.

You can keep the design as it is as fevicol dries transparent. If not, you can spray paint or paint on it as per your wish. I did a gold spray for my stand.

The end product is a beautiful pen-stand for your work desk. I stacked in my eye pencils and mascaras with a beautiful dead rose.

Jute rope Tea Coaster :
A very simple DIY as it just involves coiling the jute rope and sticking it as you go. It is such an earthy and natural add to the desk.

Hope you like these simple and easy DIYs and do let me know if you want to see any more home decor DIYs.

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