Sunday, November 8, 2015

The other side of me

I would have never imagined myself in a grunge look, let alone modelling for it. It didn't take much time or efforts to come up with this concept. It was for a college assignment and my group mates and I just went for it. However, the weird thing is I had never seen myself like this before. So, pulling off this look felt like an achievement! Of course, when you have a really good team to work with, you are more comfortable doing it.

I am in for experimenting with my wardrobe. Your style is what you stick by and which defines you at the end. To get into someone else's shoes feels weird at the beginning. Slowly you realize you are bringing more of yourself into it and suddenly it looks like it is just another look you pulled out from your wardrobe. Isn't this experimental phase weird? Although, it was so much fun. 

Unfortunately I don't have the details for this look. Since it was a styling assignment, I think our group did an amazing job of putting together the look from each one of our wardrobes. Picture credits go to my friend Sejal Goje, she definitely brings out the best in me. 

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  1. *jaw drops* Damn, girl, you look so hawt :D I think you totally rock the grunge. More of these!!!


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