Monday, March 23, 2015

For a Change, Color me Red!

“No, don’t throw that, it can still be used”, said my grandmother when I was about to throw a tea strainer in the dustbin. It was old, had some cuts and we already had a new strainer just waiting to be used since months.  But, I think my grandmother was just not yet ready to switch to a new one. That made me wonder, is such small change that scary too? Or is it just our attachment to things that do not let us go of them?

Sheldon from Big Bang Theory in season 7 faced so many changes, major one like Leonard & Penny deciding to live together now that they are engaged. Even a small change like bringing a dining table seemed difficult for him. So are we really that afraid of change? I think yes. From my personal experience it is difficult. 

I was always apprehensive about hair coloring. Though at times tempting, I had a mind block about it. It will definitely make my hair weak or what if my hair becomes rough or what if it doesn't suit me, so lets not color. Change in the color or texture of my hair was the scariest part. But, secretly I always wished for at least a streak colored.

I finally tried it today. My friends and I went to a friend's place whose mom runs a beauty salon. While my friends were getting their hair colored, I was tempted to try at least a streak, but was afraid of the change. In spur of moment I decided to come out of my comfort zone and try it. Why not? It's just a streak! So, along with my friends, even I got a Red colored streak.

I am very happy with my new red streak. Something different which I never imagined in my wildest of dream to be possible for me (unless I turn older and then have to dye my hair out of necessity). I guess it was just me being afraid of change.

Hope you have a happy week ahead!

Until next time,

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunday Brunch

Buried deep in my submissions, with countless deadlines in the upcoming weeks, today's Sunday brunch was a great relief. It's fun to let your hair down for a while and spend some quality time with your friends. Clicking selfies, gossiping and amazing food, these are the things a hostelite dreams of during submission period. It was a day well spent with amazing company, which led to an Outfit post after ages.

What I wore:
Cropped Top - Forever 21
Button Down Skirt - Just Casuals
Necklace - Linking Road 
Sling - Local Boutique
Shoes - Sarojni Market (Delhi)

Story of the outfit - I never thought finding something for this cropped top would be difficult. But it was for this one, as it had been lying around in my wardrobe for months. I tried many things but nothing was right. Until last week when I found this skirt. It was a match made in heaven and perfect for brunch too.

How did you spend your Sunday? Let me know in the comments below. Have an amazing week ahead.

Until next time,