Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Flower Trail

'The Flower Trail' is a story of a flower girl who is shy and timid, yet she seeks adventure. 
One day, she decides to explore. She goes on an adventure where flowers give her company. 
Purposefully, she leaves a flower trail behind, so she could find her way back home.

Top and Skirt : Designed by my dear friend Somya Singh
Photography by Sejal Goje
Hairstyle by Jayna Nahar
Concept and Styling by me.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Rip it Right

While I am adding layers when I am in Pune, Mumbai's heat just doesn't seem to subside. Although, the climate is just right for a DIY Day.

Until my 'The other side of me' shoot, I always thought that ripped jeans is one trend that I won't indulge myself in as I was under an impression it will not suit me. A little rip here and there may be. The shoot definitely got me excited to try the ripped denim DIY. Though aberrant to this season, I really wanted to do this DIY, perfect to take on the city heat. Along with it I ripped the seams of the top below too.

Casual go-to look for the day. One tick on my to do list. Ripped Jeans accomplished.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Festive Flare

Happy Diwali everyone! It is the amazing time of the year when there are lights everywhere to tell the story of victory of good over evil. The atmosphere is full of positivity and wishes of prosperity for the upcoming year.

Free flowing silhouettes are the most comfortable to get the festive party started. This season's favorite - flared pants - are sure to fulfill these needs. Not only do they look ethereal but also glamorous if chosen in rich fabrics like raw silk or satin.

Images are sourced from Lakme Fashion Week site

It is really easy to style it and in solid colors, it mostly looks good on any body type. So, I tried this trend for the very first day of Diwali, keeping it simple and enjoying the movement it gave me. 

Flared Pants : Code - Lifestyle Store
Tunic (Divine Intervention) : Missa More 
Clutch : Gift 
Shoes : Local Boutique
Earrings : Linking Road

Also, a plus point is that the loads of sweets eaten also get easily hidden. Aren't these the moments to let your hair down and enjoy? Well, for that, this is a definite go-to for this season.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The other side of me

I would have never imagined myself in a grunge look, let alone modelling for it. It didn't take much time or efforts to come up with this concept. It was for a college assignment and my group mates and I just went for it. However, the weird thing is I had never seen myself like this before. So, pulling off this look felt like an achievement! Of course, when you have a really good team to work with, you are more comfortable doing it.

I am in for experimenting with my wardrobe. Your style is what you stick by and which defines you at the end. To get into someone else's shoes feels weird at the beginning. Slowly you realize you are bringing more of yourself into it and suddenly it looks like it is just another look you pulled out from your wardrobe. Isn't this experimental phase weird? Although, it was so much fun. 

Unfortunately I don't have the details for this look. Since it was a styling assignment, I think our group did an amazing job of putting together the look from each one of our wardrobes. Picture credits go to my friend Sejal Goje, she definitely brings out the best in me. 

Until next time,


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Metamorphosis of My Favourite Drape

I know the title sounds a bit technical, but I think it will do. I am talking about my favourite drape- Saree. It is such an elegant part of the Indian culture and one can go on and on about it.

My childhood's integral part was playing 'Ghar Ghar' (make-believe house) and making tea and treats for my friends or going to their make-believe home for a treat. The rules were that we have to be dressed in Saree. Adorning this beautiful drape was my favourite part and of course accessorising it . Though a little me had to do with a 'dupatta' for draping. My this love for saree was indulged by my grandfather, who got it tailor made for me on my 4th birthday. Inventing new styles of draping and at times stumbling because of it was everyday activity back then.

On the left Dupatta draped as Saree  and on the right tailored Saree gifted by grandfather

Playing around with saree is nothing new, though I am yet to learn the perfect way to drape it with beautiful pleats. I tend to hold on to some of the pretty sarees which my mom is to throw out. I had previously made a Princess Line Dress (blog post - here) from one such saree. So, when I saw the 'Pallu' (part of Saree that covers the upper body) of the saree below and the material, I instantly wanted to make a Kimono Jacket.

I kept the Pallu for the backside of the jacket, so I folded it on the line of Pallu for about 31" and cut the rest of the saree. For the jacket opening, I cut the front part of the jacket. Here is a pattern that I made for reference of cutting the front side and stitching both the sides to make the jacket:

These are not fixed measurements, you can make it as per your convenience. After cutting, I finished the edges with machine stitch. Neck area was a tricky one, but if you are trying it, hand stitching might be easy and fuss-free. Also added a vintage button and the  finished product was a chic Kimono Jacket.

White top- Forever 21
Shorts - Honey (Pantaloons)

Such an easy-breezy outfit. It is a great add to the wardrobe for a day of fun in the sun. You can try it out with any scarf too, it was my original idea but was tempted by this print. Also, tried a hairstyle similar to Disney princess Jasmin, which as you can see is very easy. 

Let me know your thoughts on this story in the comments below.

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

DIY - Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings are a really good way to go for a boho chic look. They add a care-free attitude to any outfit making them fun. This below DIY , I think, is the quickiest way to make Tassel earrings after some trial and errors.

Bunch of threads of lenght around 5-6 inch (any material available) - I have silk threads which are in bright colours.
Two pearl beads
Two earring loops.
A matching coloured thread

Start by passing the bunch of threads through a pearl bead. Make sure the bunch is less than half of the size of the diameter of hole of the pearl so that it can easily pass through.

Now pass the same bunch through the earring loop . Again be careful of the diameter of the loop so that the bunch can pass through it.

Now the next step is a bit tricky. Pass the same bunch from the pearl again. It can be a tedious task to get them through again.

Push the pearl upto the earring loop and tie it down to steady its place. Cut the bunch to a length required and we have a Tassel earring ready.

You can add on beads and colourful threads and make different whimsical versions of these earrings. It is very quick and easy. Do try it.

Until next time,


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

DIY - Hair Donut

Trying out summer hairstyles has been fun. While doing so I got to know about this quick DIY idea of making a hair donut. Hair donuts are used to make easy donut hair buns which are perfect for summers.  All you need for this DIY is a sock and a pair of scissors.

Take a sock with the color which hides well in your hair and turn it inside out. 

Cut the toe side of the sock.

Start rolling from the other end.

The end result is this hair donut. There you have it, a very quick and easy DIY which is useful for summer hairstyles.

This is used to make a donut bun perfect for summers. 

This hairstyle is not only summer friendly and casual but can also be used for formal events.

It can also be used for a neat and clean top bun.

Until next time,