Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Tribalista

'The Tribalista' is a harmonious connection between the tribal and modern world. This is one of my past works. We had a module of fashion accessories in which we were to make 2 types of bags. This was the first time I followed the proper design process- theme, inspiration board, sketches and final product.

The tribal prints and colors were major inspiration. The client is a strong woman who seeks an escape from the modern vying world to unleash her tribal instinct. It is a power play of both the world.

The Inspiration Board 

The Tribal Flat Bag/ Clutch

The Tribal Clutch

The Tribal Envelope Bag/Clutch made for my best friends later.

The fabric was the key inspiration for the tribal theme and the shape of the bags where modern and edgy, creating 'The Tribalista' Collection. Would love to hear your views on it in the comments below.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Metal & Reuse Accessories

This is a quick post in which I am sharing accessories made in the workshop for accessory design under the tutelage of Devinder Layal. My gold handcuff bracelet DIY (here) was based on this workshop. Here are some of the accessories that I did in this session.

Twisted metal wire and pearl bracelet

Textured Pendant

Coiled metal wire earrings

Textured Pepsi can earrings

Diet coke can turned into a textured gold handcuff bracelet

Pepsi can and pearl earrings

Coiled metal wire ring

Braided wire with pearl bracelet

Working with metal wires and cans can be fun. But it should be done with precautions as both can be sharp. 

It was a very creative workshop where we learned different techniques of metal jewelry. I had loads of fun making these. Let me know which of these was your favorite in the comments below!

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Currently drooling over...

I am currently drooling over the two videos of the two brands Chanel and Burberry.

Both the videos showcase their current brand identity in a precise manner. They take you on a mesmerizing journey. Every aspect from the cinematography to the music is well thought of. It is not just some promotion technique but a very beautiful way to depict a brand with a story that connects with the audience.

Chanel No. 5's - The One That I Want
Supermodel Gisele B√ľndchen and actor Michiel Huisman stars in this film-commercial which very elegantly depicts the struggle of a modern woman between love and career. Love ultimately triumphs.

Burberry's - From London With Love
The new Burberry Festive Movie starring Romeo Beckham is a story about a couple falling in love. Romeo Beckham acting as a cupid. 

They are amazing in their own way. I can't seem to pick which one is my favorite. Did you guys enjoy both the film commercials? Which one is your favorite? Let me know.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Did You Know?- Houndstooth

Everybody was hooking into Houndstooth print by fall 2013. I also got interested in this print. Got myself a travel pouch with a variation of houndstooth print. I really wanted to know its origin as a print.

Did you know its origin is said to be in 1800's in Scotland? Originally worn in Scotland by Shepherds as an outer garment of woven woolen cloth, it was also referred to as Shepherd's Checks.
Although the exact time the print was created is not know, the use of the term Houndstooth was recorded by Merriam-Webster in 1936. The print was popular in the upper class in 1930s as it reflected their class status.
Read image has link to its source

It has been reappearing almost every decade ever since. A very interesting print which adds an exciting eye-movement in a garment.

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