Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Festive Companions

A Bag/clutch is undoubtedly an essential part of a look. It no longer is the accessory to be matched with the shoes but has its own niche in an ensemble. Sometimes they are the main attraction in a look. They then become key elements in one’s wardrobe.

This festive season I tried to utilize few that I had piled up in my wardrobe for long time. They were lucky buys for me and also look amazing on outfits.

1. Box Clutch/Sling
The dream of having a box clutch was fulfilled by this traditional embroidered box clutch. Got this great buy around Rs. 600  from Palika Bazaar in Delhi while on our study trip. Bargaining was done by my friend and has been the best buy in my wardrobe.

2.Pipe Work Clutch/ Sling.
Got this one from Palika Bazaar too. Another good bargain from the same friend and got this for Rs. 250/300 I think. It has a white beaded sling handle and has full pipe work even at the backside.

3.Traditional Art Print Sling
This Sling was bought by my mom from some exhibition for around Rs. 400-450. It goes really well with a monochrome outfit I had worn. With solid colors in the garment, this print stood out.

The box clutch is my favorite and I got to wear it with two of the traditional looks below

I had a really good festive week, hope you guys enjoyed it too.

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