Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Surajkund Mela 2014

This is a very late post. I started writing it just after my trip but couldn't complete because of lack of pictures.

I got to visit 2014's Surajkund Mela, which is held annually, through our college study tour, which was specifically scheduled so that we could attend the same. The dates of this exhibition were from 1st to 15th of February this year. It is a yearly fair where artisans from all over India and from some neighboring countries display their crafts. This year's theme State was Goa. If you love Indian crafts, this is a must visit fair.

What I liked about it :-
  • Artisans get to display their work on a grand scale.
  • No middlemen involved, so the prices are reasonable.
  • You get to interact with the artisans and get to know a lot about the craft.
  • Amazing food court. Garamagaram (hot) Jalebis were the best part!!
  • They have scattered different arts around the place so that people are not bored by repetition.
What to keep in mind before the visit-
  • If you want to see the whole thing, you will surely require a day. (Trust me)
  • So do wear comfy shoes.
  • Compare prices and get the best bargains as there are many stalls with similar products.
  • You can take the artisans' visiting card for future orders, as some of them do take orders online or over telephone.
Here are some of the pictures that I clicked there

Work from Kashmir

Phulkari Work


Work from Gujarat

Work from Agra

Now for my favorite....Work from Rajashthan

I loved this Visual display at this stall... It sets them apart from the rest of the Mojari shops


And here's something that I really want to own someday!! *dreams & drools*

This awesome trunk *lovestruck*

 If you are really interested in handicrafts, especially Indian, you will love this place. Do try visiting it next year :)


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  1. So many beautiful pieces! I love any kind of market but I know I'd want to buy eveeeerything if I were to go here. ;)

    Tara x


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