Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Simple Outfit + Simple Shopping

I guess November posts are all 'Plus' posts. This outfit is something I wore on Diwali for like an hour so that I had something new to wear in the morning as per the tradition. I wore the same outfit next day with a shrug and different purse and shoes. It's a very simple outfit with my old favorite jeans as usual !!

On the second day I went for shopping at my favorite shopping center at Andheri, from where I usually buy casual clothes. Considering my backwardness in trying out different styles of pants, I shocked my self by getting two different kinds of pants. From the lessons I have learned from Elements of  Design post, I got myself t-shirts with horizontal stripes which will hopefully make me look less thin :P

Stripes 1

Cute t-shirt with Asymmetrical back :)

Palazzo Pants

Stripes 2

Stripes 3

Pleated Pants

 I hope you like this post!!

Until next time....



  1. That is a lot of stripes :P And you look great, my hotness :P

    1. I went crazy and bought all the horizontal stripes I could!! Hehehehe....Thanks dear :*

  2. i want to see you wearing pleated pants and the palazzo pants. Please upload the pics... waiting

  3. good clothing looking simple and sweet.. try more dresses from Majorbrands.in

  4. Very good selection of dress I also like stripe tops which is looking so beautiful on you.

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