Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Elements of Design - I

Elements of Design is a series based on a subject I am learning in my curriculum. This series mainly focuses on the four elements of design namely: lines, shapes, colours and textures. These elements are
important in garment construction and they play a vital role in giving a garment its own characteristics. Through this series I wish to provide the small details which are mostly ignored while buying or styling a garment but which may enhance the look of an outfit.

Our first element of design which is also the most basic element is Line. Today we see how use of Line in different ways help in enhancing different aspects of garment. The different psychological effect and visual illusions that a Line can produce in a garment are :-

This simple details can be useful while selecting or designing a garment. It may help you to emphasis the assets of our body which we want to flaunt or hide all the problem areas and give a beautiful end result.
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