Sunday, August 19, 2012

Paper Beads

As I had promised in my last post, this time I am sharing one of my class projects i.e. making jewellery from paper beads.

To make the Paper Beads, you'll require magazine strips(width as specified in making the beads), a toothpick and glue. Below are the different widths specified for the strips from magazine papers to make different beads:-

The width is as given above and length will be the length of the magazine paper. Now after cutting cutting the stripes, take the wider end of a strip and put it on the toothpick. Start wrapping the strip on the tooth pick and make sure you do not keep any space between the wraps or else the beads would come out loose, that is, we need tight wraps. Now glue the end of the strip to complete the beads. Remove the bead from the toothpick by rotating the bead as well as the toothpick simultaneously in opposite directions.
Some beads used by me in the jewellery are as below:-

To make the jewellery you will need- paper beads, some embroidery beads or pipes, jewellery wire, necklace lock, earring hooks and finally, scissors.

The wire should be cut according to the length of the necklace you desire. Then put the beads in the wire to make some design. To lock the necklace, twist the wire on the necklace locks.
To make earrings, use White thread, double it and put the beads in it to make some design. Twist the threads to the earring hooks.
The result was as below:-

It is a tedious but fun to make. I hope my ma'am likes it and gives me good grades....Hope you guys like it too!! :)

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  1. This project of yours reminded me of something I had done in my school craft classes, it was so much fun making things out of those beads. I love those that you've made, hope your ma'am likes it :)

    1. yaa even we used to do it in is fun isn't it?? I also hope the same...thank you!!:)

  2. Nice idea.^^
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  3. Very cool! You're making one for me, right? :)

  4. nice work!!


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