Thursday, July 5, 2012

1 Year Old Bloggy

Yay! Today my bloggy baby is one!! I am super happy....Before a year I was just an avid reader of blogs...The world of blogging always fascinated me. I remember reading my first blog which was Dulcecandy's Blog  (I still LOVE her and she is my favourite blogger). I got the link from her youtube channel and this was my entry in the blogging world, which I found got bigger and bigger day by day.

I started writing blog just for fun....I was happy with zero blog followers in my 1st month of blogging...I started to ask my friends to have a look at my blog....started asking fellow bloggers for suggestion...It was a completely new thing for me. I had put up most of my first month work on facebook and looking at the response of people on my work, I decided it was time to 'blog' all the things I have done till now. It was a platform to show what I can do and it also became a way to channelise my creativity and imagination in a good direaction.

My first blog post, dates 5th July 2011 - Make Over Bangles !! I was sooo  excited to start with my blog but I was nervous too because it was like virtually putting yourself in front of everyone and anyone. Nervousness left the house months ago....but I am always excited to write my posts, even the intensity hasn't changed.

I am looking forward to many such years of blogging!! It is such a great joy!! Thank you all my 40 followers for supporting me till this date!! Happy Birthday my dear Blog!! Love you!! :*


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