Saturday, June 9, 2012

Skin Tones and Colours

Does your skin tone tell you which colour suits you the best? YES!!! But we hardly consider it in our day-to-day shopping. We see what looks best in the light of the store, which is in 'trend' and come out with a really wide smile of a satisfied shopper.

I had always wondered how certain colours look awesome on me and how others make my skin tone darker. Have you ever wondered the same? Well I got my answer first through different styling-related shows, where they explained how skin tones are important with respect to the colours of our clothes. With this information I did further research on the internet about this topic.

Basically there are two types of skin tones, Warm Skin Tone and Cool Skin Tone.

How do we identify which skin tone do we belong to?
It's very easy and simple steps are involved to get to know the skin tone you belong to.

  • Warm Skin Tone- Check your wrist and see the colour of your veins. If they are Green in colour, it means you are of a Warm Skin Tone. Also, if while in the sun, if you tend to tan rather than burn then it means have a Warm Skin Tone.
  • Cool Skin Tone- If your veins are Blue in colour, it means that you are of Cool Skin Tone. Also, if you burn first and then tan while out in the sun, you are of Cool Skin Tone.
Which colours are suitable for the Skin tones?

For this I again take help of my colour wheel (slowly realizing how the first lessons of drawing lectures were sooo important)

Colours for Warm Skin Tones

  • Go for Warm Shades like- Peach, Coral, Orange, Peachy Pinks, Red-Orange, Yellow-Orange,etc.
  • For jewellery- Gold and Gold Tones.
  • Neutral colour- Shades of Brown.

Colours for Cool Skin Tones

  • Go for Cool Shades like- Blue-Green, Blues, Rosy and baby pinks, Purples, Blues based on Reds, Violets,etc.
  • For jewellery- Silver and Silver Tones.
  • Neutral colour- Shades of Gray.

I hope this helps you next time you step out for shopping. Remember the colours that suit your skin and pick your outfit.

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  1. Interesting article!! First time I'm hearing about using your vein color to find out your skin tone. But just a doubt, wouldn't most Indians be a warm skin tone, considering we are much more likely to tan in the sun than burn?

    1. Yes but it's not necessary, it totally depends on your skin, the climate you were born and brought up in and your environment...I myself burn first and then tan!! :)

  2. Amazing blog! Would you like to follow each other? ;X

    1. Thanks for stopping by...just visited your blog...lovely...following you!! :)

  3. Hi.. Thanks for the post! :) I see green veins so acc to you, I've warm skin tone.. But I'm not that fair you see.. So peaches and lemons don't suit me :D While electric blue and pinks do! :P

    Thank you for such a lovely comment on my previous post :)

    Maybe you have time to read my New Post- Hot Pink Farewell


    1. It also depends on the environment....this is something that helps a bit!!:)

      Would check it out for sure!! :)

  4. Nice post dear :) I'm a warm skin tone i figured from your post :D am following your blog now.. do check out my blog and see if you like :) take care &heart;&heart;

    1. Thanks for stopping by and being a part of my blog!! I would love to visit your blog too!:)

  5. very nice! thanks for that piece of info!


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