Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hairpin Make-over

Hello lovelies! This make-over idea came after brainstorming for the VIBGYOR Challenge organised by InDIAN FASHION BLOGGERS. The theme of this challenge was to incorporate any five colours from the rainbow and come up with interesting and creative ideas. It can be an outfit, art, object, food item, etc.- anything you like, but it should include minimum of five colours.

So I came up this idea to transform a dull black hairpin by adding a dash of colour to it, making it a summer accessory.

Things required were:-

A black hairpin, scissors and colour threads

I started with winding colour thread between the gaps in the spikes. After the required amount of rounds I cut the thread and tied a knot in the back to secure it's place. I repeated the procedure 4 times with different colours and keeping a gap between the colours. 

Below is the pin after the make-over

Tried it as soon as it was done!

Let me know what you think about this idea...

Until next time,


Monday, June 18, 2012


Hi lovely people....wondering why 50 is up there as a title? Well it's my 50th post on the blog *screams with joy*....Is it weird I celebrate such small and beautiful things? I hope not...*smiles*

So for my 50th post I decided to note down at least 25, if not 50 reasons (I thought 50 was too much) why I love fashion and its glamorous world. The world of fashion has its numbing factor, the factor that makes you wanna stop and look at it with awe. If given a chance it can make you or break you (depending on how important it is in your life). It is a grown-ups' fairytale world as I like to say.

So here I go stating in just 25 words what it means to me in a very random order i.e as it popped in my head :)

  1. Inspiration - It inspires you to become something much more then you are now.
  2. Variety - Fashion from my point of view can never be boring, there will be always something new or revamped. It's never monotonous!
  3. Flow - Every part of fashion has a flow to it- whether it is an outfit, editorial, fashion show or some other thing. It has FLOW....
  4. Glamorous - Fashion world is all Glam....You can't just turn your head away from the sparkle and bling it oozes!! 
  5. Individuality - It helps in finding out what kind of person you are and how you are as an individual character. For this very reason sometimes you feel you can pull off a certain look very easily.
  6. Dream-like - Every girl has a secret wish, wish-list or want-list. It seems something dream-like. You want to transform yourself in a look or you dream about owning a pair of heels. It keeps your dreams alive.
  7. Confidence - Yes, dressing up fashionably can give you the boost of confidence that you require in your life. 
  8. It makes you feel good and positive about yourself - With confidence positivity follows, don't you think?
  9. Designers - Would fashion exist without them? I don't think so. They give a boost to it and make it a glamorous thing.
  10. Fashion shows - With designers come fashion shows. Through them you can see how a designer differs in his/her style from the others. I love to see these shows.
  11. Brands - Brands are such cool parts of fashion! But they are not directly associated with it. Designers and fashion create brands.
  12. Colours - Oh! the very basic of everything!! Colour exploration is amazing via fashion. Discovering new colours and names is always amazing.
  13. Beauty - Isn't fashion just beautiful? It boosts our inner beauty and makes it shine and come out.
  14. Passion - 'Passion for Fashion' as I say it....If you have it, you can be easily a part of this world.
  15. Make-up - I love make-up!! I used to invent all types of crazy fashion centric make-up when I was a child. Yes, I was exposed to fashion then.
  16. Dress-up - I used to play dress-up when I was a child, draping an cloth in 100 different ways. I want that child in me back, so I can make drape gowns now!!
  17. Trends - Following trends is always so much fun! Its like an adult dress-up game.
  18. Hair-fun - You come across many types of hairstyles and hair accessories. I definitely love to play with my hair.
  19. Vintage - I personally love all things vintage. So, I love vintage fashion!!
  20. Outfit and Accessories - Outfits and accessories form the daily part of fashion for me. It's day-to-day fun in organising and coordinating them.
  21. Magazines and Blogs - The fact I love about both of them is that they have revealed the fashion world to ALL !! They have helped me explore my love for Fashion.
  22. DIY - With blogs came the concept of do-it-yourself, opening doors to Fashion on a very self-based and creative way.
  23. Shopping -  Shopping for fashionable clothes and clothes that suit me is my favourite hobby. I think it is the favourite hobby of all you lovelies too!!
  24. Creativity - Fashion enables us to explore the creativity in us, like how creatively can you combine two varied colours, accessorize an outfit, or do a DIY.
  25. Pure Love - Just pure love for Fashion from the very childhood. :)
 I think that sums it all up, don't you think?

Do tell me why you love Fashion and what kind of part does it play in your life......
Until next time,


Monday, June 11, 2012

Smocking Skirt for a Brunch

It's been ages since I have done an outfit post...reason being- no photographers available in my life right now *sad face*.....So, when I finally decided to wear my lovely smocking skirt (post- here), for a brunch party at my friend's place, I decided I am going take pictures at any cost....Got home, back from the party, hunted my brother away from his computer (or else he is stuck with his books) and made him click my pictures...After the party, effects were clear on my face so cropped it for this post, isn't skirt the star of the show? *winks*. Also my bro has less patience- crazy low. He will be like, "Are we done?" all the time...so he just clicked two helpful pictures, the pose unfortunately being the same :(

Now some brunch gossips, we all graduated with DISTINCTION!! Yay!! We were celebrating our victory so to say. Met my girls after like a month or so....So did loads of catching up! We discussed who might be 1st in our college, what lays ahead for all of us, shared some hot gossips, etc. I had amazing time with them! :)

About the outfit-
Skirt-Handmade (post- here)
Top and Shrug- Local shop
Bangles- Kerala + Flea market
Belt (added to make definition between the top and skirt) - Colaba Causeway
Clutch- Gifted
Ring- Deepika Designs 
Necklace- Gifted by Bro
Watch- Citizen
Shoes (not in this pictures)- My rainy shoes in Black from Bata.

Here are the pictures!! :)

The Skirt

The Honeycomb Smocking

It was so hard to find a top for this skirt...it gives an over all sailor effect, don't you think?

Until next time,


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Skin Tones and Colours

Does your skin tone tell you which colour suits you the best? YES!!! But we hardly consider it in our day-to-day shopping. We see what looks best in the light of the store, which is in 'trend' and come out with a really wide smile of a satisfied shopper.

I had always wondered how certain colours look awesome on me and how others make my skin tone darker. Have you ever wondered the same? Well I got my answer first through different styling-related shows, where they explained how skin tones are important with respect to the colours of our clothes. With this information I did further research on the internet about this topic.

Basically there are two types of skin tones, Warm Skin Tone and Cool Skin Tone.

How do we identify which skin tone do we belong to?
It's very easy and simple steps are involved to get to know the skin tone you belong to.

  • Warm Skin Tone- Check your wrist and see the colour of your veins. If they are Green in colour, it means you are of a Warm Skin Tone. Also, if while in the sun, if you tend to tan rather than burn then it means have a Warm Skin Tone.
  • Cool Skin Tone- If your veins are Blue in colour, it means that you are of Cool Skin Tone. Also, if you burn first and then tan while out in the sun, you are of Cool Skin Tone.
Which colours are suitable for the Skin tones?

For this I again take help of my colour wheel (slowly realizing how the first lessons of drawing lectures were sooo important)

Colours for Warm Skin Tones

  • Go for Warm Shades like- Peach, Coral, Orange, Peachy Pinks, Red-Orange, Yellow-Orange,etc.
  • For jewellery- Gold and Gold Tones.
  • Neutral colour- Shades of Brown.

Colours for Cool Skin Tones

  • Go for Cool Shades like- Blue-Green, Blues, Rosy and baby pinks, Purples, Blues based on Reds, Violets,etc.
  • For jewellery- Silver and Silver Tones.
  • Neutral colour- Shades of Gray.

I hope this helps you next time you step out for shopping. Remember the colours that suit your skin and pick your outfit.

Until next time,

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Naturally Untanned

The best part of vacation is that you get to take a trip and enjoy with your family. This vacation was similar, I went to Alibaug and then to my native place. The only thing common after returning from these places was that I was tanned (very badly). While most people love their summer tan, I don't. So, I was hunting like crazy for tips to gain back my wheatish complexion . The problem was I have never applied whitening cream and didn't want to start it now. I wanted some natural products. My Ajji (i.e. grandmother, here- mother's mother) and one of my friend, Anisha,  came to my rescue. Today I am sharing those two tips to reduce temporary tanning of the skin.

Ajji's Wisdom

My Ajji's skin is as soft as a baby's bottom (I am not kidding). I always wondered how and what she uses to make her skin shine. Once I asked her, "Ajji, do you go to a beauty salon for facials or clean up?" She gave her cute sweet smile and said, "No dear, haven't you seen me rubbing off tomato,cucumber,papaya and all such things on my face? They make my skin shine and glow. Drinking plenty of water also keeps the skin healthy. Tomato also reduces tan." I was a bacchu (small kid) then, couldn't understand how veggies are healthy, let alone understand how scrubbing yourself with veggies helps the skin. But those wise words stayed with me and helped me this time.

  • First regime for reducing tan- Tomato

After every trip I took a slice of Tomato, took out the seeds carefully and applied it on my face, squishing and scrubbing it on. A thin layer of Tomato juice dries on your skin. Keep it on for 15 minutes. Then rinse your face with water. I do try to do it once a week. It reduces the tan in a really nice way. Just to keep your skin healthy you can do same with cucumber and papaya.

Friend's Advice

When I asked one of my friend regarding a tip for reducing tan, she told me to apply Multani Mitti with Rose Water (you can get both in any ayurvedic medical shop) as a paste on the face.

  • Second regime for reducing tan- Multani Mitti and Rose Water.

Take a dish, take a table spoon of Multani Mitti and add Rose Water to make a thick paste. Quickly, apply it to your entire face and neck except the area near your eyes. Let the whole paste dry. It takes about 15-20 minutes. For a more relaxed time, you can take two cotton balls, dip it in rose water (or just use cucumber slices) and put it on your closed eyelids and relax till the whole paste dries. You will feel your skin stretch and tighten. After it dries, rinse your face with water. You will get an instant whitening effect. I mostly do this a night before a trip or an event to get the glow.

  • Note- If after applying or washing off the above two, your skin burns or rashes appear, please don't try it again and treat it with powder or cream with Aloe Vera. If you are sure of your skin being sensitive or even as a security measure, try it a small patch on your arm-folds first to make sure there is no reaction. Make sure your skin is not harmed in any way.

 Have a Glowing Weekend!! :)