Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oh! So Pretty Little Liars...

I remember doing a post on Gossip Girls (here) in my first month of blogging and here is another post dedicated to a TV series, Pretty Little Liars. Why do I love the show? Just one word- MYSTERY...I love mystery novels and series. But that is not the only key factor for which I watch this show. It is an amazing fashion guide for teenage girls. The girls are easy to relate to, with quirky Aria Montgomery, simple and sweet Emily Fields, sophisticated Spencer Hastings, hot Hanna Marin and the mystery Alison DiLaurentis.

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  • Aria Montgomery (The Funky Chick) - She is a simple girl with a funky fashion side. She has had a wild side in her past with her hair coloured pink. But now she is a sophisticated version of her past. The thing I noticed about this character is the way she wears her stocking. Even in the picture above, I am in love with her stockings. She pairs it up with dresses and shorts too. Black seems to be her forte. If you have a quirky attitude this character may appeal you in fashion sense.

  •  Emily Fields (The Girl Next Door) - Now here is a very simple girl. Though she is into sports (swimming), she is not very sporty in fashion. Her cloths are casual and simple yet not plain and dull. If you don't over-think on your style then this may be the character you can connect with.
  •  Spencer Hastings (The Little Miss Perfect) - She is very smart, rich and wants to be as perfect as her sister. Her style of fashion is very sophisticated yet suitable for her age. Her hairdos are to watch out  for. Pastels are her forte. If you are looking for sophistication and elegance she is your character.

  •  Hanna Marin (The IT Girl) - She is the popular girl but with a good heart, mostly because in her past she wasn't as popular and tried hard to get there. Her dressing sense is very chic, girly and hot. You see her in bright colours and very fashionable clothes. I can say that her style is a mixture of all the above. If you are looking to be 'The Girl', her character can be an inspiration.

  • Alison DiLaurentis (The Mystery) - She was the leader i.e. the Alpha of the group before she went missing and a year later, was found dead. She was the 'IT Girl' and had a spunky attitude. She was a very dominating character, which is portrayed through her dressing style. She has the confidence and beauty which every girls wants. 

Aren't they pretty??

This series is packed with different characters, so it is easy to relate to and have a kind of a live fashion look book you need.So enjoy girls!! :)

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