Monday, May 14, 2012

Every Shorts has its Story...

This was like a self assigned thing. The thing you do when you have loads of time in your hand to waste and you don't wanna feel useless? Yes, the very same thing. Summer and shorts go hand in hand. I am very much obsessed with them. So I thought of creating different outfits for different shorts below :-

Different outfit, different look and different story to tell. The looks are as below :-

Checked Shorts

Silk Shorts

Printed Shorts

Plaid Shorts

Animal Print Shorts

Floral Print Shorts

Sequin Shorts

Denim Shorts

Stripes Shorts

Neon Shorts

And before I end this post, I wanted to share with you guys my new love!!

Enjoy your week ahead!! :)


  1. Those shoes are lovely!!! Can't wait to see an outfit post with them in it!

    1. Thanks!! I can't promise it soon...going on a vacation...but would do a post with them for sure!! :)

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    1. I actually couldn't find the link to add myself in the directory...or some way to follow...can you tell me the procedure?

  3. Loved the 2nd look the most! :)
    You have a great blog, following you now! <3

    1. Thanks alot!! :) I love your blog too!!:)

  4. love the neon shorts! also, we are a big fan of PLL! love the series!
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  5. I want to try those printed shorts !!
    PS- Cute heels.. <3

  6. Those checked shorts are definite winners for me. How fun!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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