Thursday, April 19, 2012

There is no 'good' in a good-bye!

In this techno savvy world there is always a better replacement for the old. But don't you miss the old as the saying goes- Old is Gold? I still miss my 1st cell phone- Sony Ericsson W300i, it had just basic operations but still I miss it.

Like W300i introduced me to the world on Cell phones, Picnik introduced me to the world of Editing! So quick and easy. But today it is its last day. The reason I have this special dedicated blog post for this is because IT has been an integral part of my blog since the very beginning. Though there are many upgraded editing options this has been my favourite one.

So a very lovely Good-bye and special Thanks for being a part of this blog and for all the edits required. Will surely Miss you!!

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