Monday, April 16, 2012

The Bib Necklace

I started with this bib in February. It started as an idea which required loads of work and ended up as my stress buster in all the exams and tests when I craved for a much needed break -something to do for my hands other than writing and drawing. I was so sure I would be completing my bib in February itself as my post here suggests. But unfortunately I couldn't because of the exams.

At last it's complete! I wanted to share it with you all as soon as possible. It took a lot loads of work and many pokes to my fingers from the needle to complete it. I made it in Peter Pan Collar style so I can wear it that way too. Steps to make it are:-
  • Take a newspaper and draw the basic shape in which you require the neck piece and cut the shape out. To have a neat shape on both the sides just fold the paper and draw one side of the design and cut it out. When you open the fold you will get the whole design pattern.
  • Decide the colour combinations and design within the pattern. As per your this, choose your basic colour cloth. My bib has combination of Blue, Sliver and White so I took White as base.
  • Put your newspaper pattern on the cloth and cut out the cloth in the pattern leaving 1 cm for hemming. Now Hem the whole pattern so that there won't be any threads sticking out.
  • Now as per your design start filling the cloth pattern. I have completely hand embroidered the pattern but you can also stick beads, pipes and other accessories with Fabric Glue and let it dry. It will be very quick.
  • To tie the bib necklace I stitched a thin ribbon by making one fold of it so it can sustain the weight of the work. You can use any other material as per your wish.
  • Your Bib is ready!
I wish I had taken pictures step by step so you can understand it really well, though I have tried to keep the steps as simple as possible.  Here are the pictures in making and the completed bib.

Hope you like it!!! :)


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