Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Summer

Pastels, Neon, Hues, Sun glasses, Slippers, Sun screen and here comes Spring and Summer wardrobe. The colors are bright and bold. Combinations sometimes tough and sometimes very easy. It's fun dress-up time. So girls get ready with your brushes to paint your wardrobe bright, fresh and colourful!!

 Again this is a Look-book post and the inspiration is the Shopstyle's Spring Colour Wheel Below:-

Now I'll let the Looks do the talking!! Enjoy!! :)



Have a Colorful Season ahead!! :) :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting ready for summer!!

Summer is here and I am gearing up for it !! With such bad temperature now, we can only wonder how worse it's going to get in month of May. Bidding good-bye to long sleeves and heavy cardigans!!

For this summer I have treated myself with a lovely summer top. I got this lovely design from BurdaStyle and couldn't wait to make it for myself . The best part of this design was that it required only the measurement of my chest and no other measurements were required....

Here are the pictures!! Also for the 1st time ever added my logo on the picture!! Yay!! :)

Also, today is Women's Day as well as Holi here in India !! Happy Women's Day to all the lovely ladies!! Here is song dedication for you all!! Enjoy this amazing colourful day!! Be proud to be a Woman!!  :) :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mum's Dresses

This is a quick post on the dresses I made for my mum. I am really happy with the finish on these dresses.

The 1st one is a simple Punjabi dress. To add some sparkle I did embroidery with golden beads and pipes on the upper part of the dress.

The 2nd one is Princess Tucks Dress. The tucks(stitches) start from the arms or even shoulders(here arms) to the bottom of the dress on arms or shoulder, so that on front as well as back we find 3 parts of the dress stitched together giving a nice fit to the body and flare below giving it a fit and flare effect.

Hope you liked it!!

Enjoy the day!! :)