Friday, February 3, 2012

My first self-made Kurti!!

I have been off the radar for awhile because of the exams that are due soon!! Sorry !! Well today it's an OOTD post. It was my college friend's birthday party and I decided to wear Kurti made by me. This was my first kurti that I made for myself and shockingly the finish was really good. The best part of this kurti is that it was made from the fabric of my wrap-around pant my mom had bought for me from Bangkok!!!!! Because of the material being so rich I kept the design very simple with balloon sleeves (personally love them).I paired it up with my regular jeans.
In accessories the bracelet and shoes are from Linking road (Bandra) and necklace is my mom's gift.

Here are the pictures!!

Enjoy the day!! Hope you liked my Kurti!! :)


  1. Wow, it's very pretty and extremely good work for a first timer!!

  2. great job!! Kurti looks great :D

  3. Nice One
    Following you.
    Keep Posting
    The Twisted Elegance

  4. Hey I liked the style a lot.. I wish you would do a post on how to sew a kurti sometime.. I love sewing but havent found a nice tutorial on the web till now.. keep posting :)

    1. Thanks a lot dear...I will see if I can incorporate tutorial see the new includes a skirt that I made last vacation!! :)

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