Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Did you know?? - Bib the Word

Hi you all...Happy Leap Year!! It 29th Feb 2012 and you cannot not blog on this comes after 4 years after all!! I had to write today!! :)

Well today's fact file consist of the word Bib from bib necklace- the very hit trend last season. I had started a bib necklace this month and hopefully will be completing this coming month. Anyway, in all this making I wondered if Bib necklace was a fashion revamp of  a baby's Bib and it seems so, till now atleast!!

Bib means a piece of cloth or plastic to protect while eating especially used for babies or upper part of apron that covers the upper front part of the body....

Well I am still to find the person who did this transformation!! If you guys know please let me know!! :)

I guess my next post would be of the bib necklace I am making!! Coincidentally my necklace is in shape of the peter pan collar!! I really hope I will be able to wear it like that too... Stay tuned for the same!!

Enjoy the leap day!! :) :)

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