Friday, December 2, 2011

Did you know?? - High Heels

I know its been a while and all my resolution of writing religiously has gone in drain with my study schedule. A solution to that I came up with Did you know series where I can write quick facts and finds of my own about fashion and share it with you all!!

Today's find is the birth of our modern heels!! Did you know that earlier heels were not so popular among women. Though there were many regions in history where heels were popular but modern day heel had its own beginning . King Louis XIV wore platform heels and it was compulsory to wear heels in his court. Red colour was specially symbolic for the aristocrats. Below is the ancestor of our beloved heels!!

If you are looking for short history on heels, I found this web page with the shortest version of - History of Heels.  Its quite informative.

Enjoy!! :)

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