Friday, November 11, 2011

Organised Shopping

I recently had my shopping spree and experienced a real relief when I did my own Organised Shopping as I call it. Shopping is always fun but then it may have an after effect like not liking the colour, don't know how to wear the product, don't know with what to wear the product,etc when you do random shopping. Random shopping is not always bad, it creates wonderful new outfits too.Its also a stress-buster for me.But sometimes I prefer organised shopping. 11 steps for special today (11.11.11) that I took for my so called Organised shopping are:-

1. Making 'Must Shop' list- These are the items that you really need i.e these products are the actually reasons for deciding to go out shopping in first place. Many times it happens that you tend to forget them by the end of your shopping spree and after coming home its the usual dialogue"Oh! I forget to bring ____, the very reason I even stepped out to shop." Trick is to target the shops that sells the products in your Must Shop list FIRST and then after buying them move on to your usual shopping.

2. The 'Must Have' list- This list consist of the products that are in trend or which are not present in your closet or which needs a replacement.

3. Imagine an outfit on the spot- This trick always help me! It also helps to avoid keeping the product unused and untouched in your closet. But friends, rules are meant to be broken sometimes. If you extremely love a product even though you can't figure out an outfit I say 'Go for it!'...outfit will come eventually ;)

4. Inspiration- If you are looking to create an outfit from inspiration then you might not need the exact same things present in the outfit, a little bit here and there can be done but the overall outfit should give an idea that its taken from the inspiration.

5. Need not be of famous brands always(except make-up and skincare products)- I believe this because I myself have experienced that sometimes not so famous brand products not only look good but they even last longer. Don't forget the less cost that we have to pay too. But you find the quality in famous brands and I love this fact about them.

6.Price and Budget - Keep in mind your budget for the shopping spree and allocate it efficiently. First prioritise to  the Must Shop list and the the Must Have list . Also, buy product worth its price. Paying humongous amount for a product which we can get in lesser price may lead you to spending more then it deserves. If you like a product but can't afford it then don't worry there is always a cheaper option available in the market if you look around.

7. Bargain - Its a quality which every shopaholic in my belief. If you don't then get a friend or your mom to do the bargaining magic. I always take along my mom for this, she bargains very efficiently. Don't shy away from bargaining as it is a win-win situation for both the parties.

8. Make sure of the quality and colour- While shopping make sure of the quality by testing it or trying it out. Colour becomes an issue when you shop during evening or night, like if you want purple you end up with bright pink. Shopkeepers sometimes use different lights for this trick. Take you product where there is normal tube to check the colour.

9.Exchange - If you are not sure of the size,colour,pattern or any other factor of the product, make sure the shop offers an exchange offer. Some shops don't accept the product again.

10. Never hesitate to try New - Try shopping new things and new trends every time. This not only keeps you updated but also reduces the monotonous closet situation.

11. Enjoy your product and overall fun of shopping - Come home and have a fashion show of your own. Ask opinions of your family members and enjoy the feeling of shopping. :)

My recent Shopping spree at Andheri :-

Printed Top

Love the Zip Detail


Perfect for Winter!!

Wooden Bangles!!

Enjoy today's date-11.11.11 :)
Have fun shopping!! :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My picks

I feel so bad looking at the number of posts in October...hope I don't make the same mistakes again....anyway what I have been doing this October is picking out a colour and a celeb who gives justice to the colour by her form, beauty and elegance. Here are my picks so far....Enjoy!!

Black & Angelina Joile - Devil Divine!!

Pink & Reese Witherspoon- Mild Wild!!

Red and Scarlett Johansson - Sexy Elegance!!