Saturday, September 3, 2011

S i x , d e g r e e s , o f , S e p a r a t i o n

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Six Degrees of Separation is a very old idiom which was introduced by Frigyes Karinthy and I have started believing it lately. It became prominent in my mind because of a person who is no where related to me (still) but yet we are connected by that weird different connections of people around us. She was in my classes in school but in a different batch, before that she was one of my school friend's friend, she is also my dad's friends daughter and I was in her college and we had a common friend too. But never in my life had we talked to each other but we know each others presence ( at least I know she exists in this world ). How weird is this connection? what I was thinking about day before yesterday.....& how we all are actually connected six degrees apart.....

My today's outfit is some what the same...they are from two different outfits but I have tried to make a new connection in them...We have Ganesh Chaturthi ( its an Indian festival, for more information see here ) going on here where we bring idols of Lord Ganesha  at our homes and worship them. Our family has the same tradition so for the 6 days I am all traditional. It was Ramzan Eid too. Some twist to traditional is what I look out for. I tried on the look below....

I had worn :-
Kurti- ummm...Don't remember??
Chaniya ( like a Skirt)- Aunt's Gift
Neck pieces - Ginger & Dazzling Bling
Earring- Made by Mom (here)
Ring & Bangles- Colaba Causeway (here)
Pearl and Green Bangles- "Borrowed" from Mom
Eye-liner - Avon's Simply Pretty
Lip stick- Avon's Rich Wine.

I know this is a bit late...but...belated...
Eid Mubarak!!
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi !!
To all!! :)


  1. I absolutely LOVE this , you look so serene !!!!, i love the first two pictures the best :")

  2. I love how your accessories compliment your outfit so well! Gorgeous :)

  3. Not many people can carry layers as well as you have done the earrings :)


  4. I like the kurti-skirt combo a lot too!! Very stylish, yet comfortable - perfect for running around during festivals!! And may I add - you have a cute smile :-)

  5. i love your style. u r a true fashionista. :))

  6. Thank you guys for such lovely made my day!! love you all !!!!! :) :) :) :* :*

  7. You look so adorable!! Very creative to have worn the kurti on the skirt ;) and the little bindi just adds to the indianess of the look ;)

  8. Thanks aditi and shruti....I m glad you liked my style!! :)


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