Monday, September 19, 2011

Pamper yourself with a PEDICURE !!

Pedicure is a really good medium of relaxing your lovely feet which take all the burden from your weight to your heels. Yesterday I was soo tired that the thought of going to the parlour after such a hectic schedule just for a pedicure felt like a pain. So my mum adviced me to do it at home. I have tried it at home earlier too. This note is inspired from the special request made by Madhumita yesterday after reading lazygul's status.

Giving yourself a pedicure at home is easy and nothing to be afraid. It involves just 8 simple steps:-

1. Remove your pervoius nail polish using a polish remover and cotton balls/pads. 

2. Cut and file your nails and make sure yor remove the dirt which gets settled at the ends of the toes. If the dirt is stuck with the skin then don't worry it will get removed in our next step.

3. In a bucket (make sure you use something which is bad conducter of heat) pour warm water till the level in which your feet would be fully submerged in the water. Add in it bath salt or aromatherapy oils. I usually prefer liquid body soaps with the ingrediants. Pour some milk may be quarter cup in it as it helps in loosening the dead skin cells.
        Soak your feet till the time you feel comfortable and relaxed. Don't overheat the water as it may lead to burning of the snesitive skin areas.

4.Use foot scrubs or pumice stone to remove the dead skin. Scrub your heel area and around toes. You can also take extra soft tooth brush to remove the dirt around toe area. Don't srub to hard as it will peel off the good skin and turn your feet red.

5. Remove the cuticles with the help of cuticle remover.

6. Remove your feet and gently dry them with soft cloth.

7. Most important is to moisturze the feet. Apply any mosturising cream in circular motion to your feet giving it a relaxing massage.

8. Now apply the coat of your favourite nail polish and let it dry. You can also do nail art in various forms like different designs, newspaper prints, marble effect, mirror effect,etc

Aren't these steps easy!! So go pamper yourself with an amazing pedicure!! 
Have Happy Feet!! :)


  1. That reminds me of the movie Happy Feet....what a wonderful movie.

  2. pedicure sure is a treat for feet..i wish i do that more often!

  3. and, happy to be your newest follower :)

  4. Thanks sovina!! A much needed follower!! :D
    But I am glad you liked my blog!! btw love your blog!! :)


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