Thursday, September 1, 2011

My BB....

Now for BB I don't mean Blackberry, I don't even have one!! BB here means Bronze and Blue!!! I did monochromatic look today and blue is a really good colour for a monochromatic look (at least for me) !! Some basics that you need to get right in such look is :-
1. Use different shades of a particular colour and stick to a colour palette.
2. For accessorising this look pick out a colour or two which is contrast to your outfit colour and play with them in different accessories.
3. Make sure the colours you pick for accessorising don't over-power your actual outfit colour or it would just be any other outfit rather being a monochromatic one.
4. It is not always necessary to accessorise such look as the monochromatic theme speaks for itself.

I had worn :-
Tunic- Code
Blue Jeans-AND
Shoes- Bata ( " My thing" for rains)
Earrings- Local Market
Neck Piece- The Damsel Komal Shop
Pink Purse- Gift
Bracelet- Gift
Bangles and Ring- Colaba Causeway (here)
Eye-liner- Dove Eye Pencil
Lip Stick- Oriflame Visions's Nut Brown

Enjoy lovelies!!!:)


  1. u look lovely in d picz !! nice necklace : )

  2. i am totally in love with that bracelet. i cud kill for that. (just kidding. :P :P)

  3. You look very radiant and happy in these pics!! Love that top with the bright pops of color!

  4. Loved your bangles...and your pics are so vibrant and cheerful!!

  5. i love the pop of pink against the dark colours !!!


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