Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Message From A Cupid....

Posting my 1st poem-Message Form a Cupid....(so the title) that I had written 3years ago was a bit nostalgic for me but then cupidspeaks.com gives you this amazing platform to write all you want!! Both my 1st poem and my last post on Pamper yourself with a Pedicure are now posted there and I am keen to post more!! For a writing enthusiast  like me it is an amazing place. I am yet to explore the whole site but it has been amazing so far...

For my last week I can say it was good because the sun was shinning and still is and Indian Bridal Week is on at Aamby Valley!!! :)

Now for today's outfit I can simply say that it is Black-local and simple. Local because all the things I have worn are from local boutiques except the necklace which is from Dazzling Bling and simple because I think the look is simple....It was the 1st time that my BFF was my photographer..and the pics are real good!! Edited cause the date came  in between!! So not a photo heavy post!! 

 Enjoy the day!! :)


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