Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Message From A Cupid....

Posting my 1st poem-Message Form a Cupid....(so the title) that I had written 3years ago was a bit nostalgic for me but then cupidspeaks.com gives you this amazing platform to write all you want!! Both my 1st poem and my last post on Pamper yourself with a Pedicure are now posted there and I am keen to post more!! For a writing enthusiast  like me it is an amazing place. I am yet to explore the whole site but it has been amazing so far...

For my last week I can say it was good because the sun was shinning and still is and Indian Bridal Week is on at Aamby Valley!!! :)

Now for today's outfit I can simply say that it is Black-local and simple. Local because all the things I have worn are from local boutiques except the necklace which is from Dazzling Bling and simple because I think the look is simple....It was the 1st time that my BFF was my photographer..and the pics are real good!! Edited cause the date came  in between!! So not a photo heavy post!! 

 Enjoy the day!! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pamper yourself with a PEDICURE !!

Pedicure is a really good medium of relaxing your lovely feet which take all the burden from your weight to your heels. Yesterday I was soo tired that the thought of going to the parlour after such a hectic schedule just for a pedicure felt like a pain. So my mum adviced me to do it at home. I have tried it at home earlier too. This note is inspired from the special request made by Madhumita yesterday after reading lazygul's status.

Giving yourself a pedicure at home is easy and nothing to be afraid. It involves just 8 simple steps:-

1. Remove your pervoius nail polish using a polish remover and cotton balls/pads. 

2. Cut and file your nails and make sure yor remove the dirt which gets settled at the ends of the toes. If the dirt is stuck with the skin then don't worry it will get removed in our next step.

3. In a bucket (make sure you use something which is bad conducter of heat) pour warm water till the level in which your feet would be fully submerged in the water. Add in it bath salt or aromatherapy oils. I usually prefer liquid body soaps with the ingrediants. Pour some milk may be quarter cup in it as it helps in loosening the dead skin cells.
        Soak your feet till the time you feel comfortable and relaxed. Don't overheat the water as it may lead to burning of the snesitive skin areas.

4.Use foot scrubs or pumice stone to remove the dead skin. Scrub your heel area and around toes. You can also take extra soft tooth brush to remove the dirt around toe area. Don't srub to hard as it will peel off the good skin and turn your feet red.

5. Remove the cuticles with the help of cuticle remover.

6. Remove your feet and gently dry them with soft cloth.

7. Most important is to moisturze the feet. Apply any mosturising cream in circular motion to your feet giving it a relaxing massage.

8. Now apply the coat of your favourite nail polish and let it dry. You can also do nail art in various forms like different designs, newspaper prints, marble effect, mirror effect,etc

Aren't these steps easy!! So go pamper yourself with an amazing pedicure!! 
Have Happy Feet!! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

That Girl With No Shoe Boots!!

Well this post is an inspirational post. With the Stereo Suede Stud Shoe Boots  now available at Topshop  being the inspiration. I just simply couldn't keep my eyes off the screen, watching the details with zoom tool of  Topshop, taking in the colour(which is my favourite) and analysing the design. A mental check-list of styling a look for these shoes began....and that is how the today's Girlish Rock-Star Look was created( With Rihana's  Rock-Star playing in my mind). Since this shoot was done at the end of the day I look a bit tired but the sadness is totally due to not having the shoes in my wardrobe!!    

I had worn
Tee and Jacket- omg!!...I simply can't remember...
Jeans- AND (my ultimate comfort jeans)
Necklace- Gift from my Bff
Rings, Earrings and Bracelet- Local Market
Belt- Causeway
Props for the look- Random Flower from a Dress, Net Glove thingy( actually an apple cover...can you belive it?? my crazzzyyyy mind!! )

A smile for last hoping some day you'll be mine!! :)
A girl can always dream!! ;)


Saturday, September 3, 2011

S i x , d e g r e e s , o f , S e p a r a t i o n

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Six Degrees of Separation is a very old idiom which was introduced by Frigyes Karinthy and I have started believing it lately. It became prominent in my mind because of a person who is no where related to me (still) but yet we are connected by that weird different connections of people around us. She was in my classes in school but in a different batch, before that she was one of my school friend's friend, she is also my dad's friends daughter and I was in her college and we had a common friend too. But never in my life had we talked to each other but we know each others presence ( at least I know she exists in this world ). How weird is this connection?....is what I was thinking about day before yesterday.....& how we all are actually connected six degrees apart.....

My today's outfit is some what the same...they are from two different outfits but I have tried to make a new connection in them...We have Ganesh Chaturthi ( its an Indian festival, for more information see here ) going on here where we bring idols of Lord Ganesha  at our homes and worship them. Our family has the same tradition so for the 6 days I am all traditional. It was Ramzan Eid too. Some twist to traditional is what I look out for. I tried on the look below....

I had worn :-
Kurti- ummm...Don't remember??
Chaniya ( like a Skirt)- Aunt's Gift
Neck pieces - Ginger & Dazzling Bling
Earring- Made by Mom (here)
Ring & Bangles- Colaba Causeway (here)
Pearl and Green Bangles- "Borrowed" from Mom
Eye-liner - Avon's Simply Pretty
Lip stick- Avon's Rich Wine.

I know this is a bit late...but...belated...
Eid Mubarak!!
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi !!
To all!! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My BB....

Now for BB I don't mean Blackberry, I don't even have one!! BB here means Bronze and Blue!!! I did monochromatic look today and blue is a really good colour for a monochromatic look (at least for me) !! Some basics that you need to get right in such look is :-
1. Use different shades of a particular colour and stick to a colour palette.
2. For accessorising this look pick out a colour or two which is contrast to your outfit colour and play with them in different accessories.
3. Make sure the colours you pick for accessorising don't over-power your actual outfit colour or it would just be any other outfit rather being a monochromatic one.
4. It is not always necessary to accessorise such look as the monochromatic theme speaks for itself.

I had worn :-
Tunic- Code
Blue Jeans-AND
Shoes- Bata ( " My thing" for rains)
Earrings- Local Market
Neck Piece- The Damsel Komal Shop
Pink Purse- Gift
Bracelet- Gift
Bangles and Ring- Colaba Causeway (here)
Eye-liner- Dove Eye Pencil
Lip Stick- Oriflame Visions's Nut Brown

Enjoy lovelies!!!:)