Friday, August 12, 2011

The Victorian Bliss....

I simply love the Victorian Fashion Era....The women had an excellent style to present themselves and remarkably good taste in fashion....I think it is an era in which fashion sought a constant change...Women became open to the new trends and there were loads of  risky but successful experiments done..... This era lasted from 1840's to later 1890's. The different changes in the trends and the lovely experiments makes this era worth studying. Below I present you pictures that would show you how trends and styles changed in various decades of this era....

The 1840's and 1850's

The dresses in these decades consisted of Crinoline, Ruffled Petticoats and Corsets.


This decade was lace fanatic and Bustle came into use.


The uncorseted dress were introduced for informal events.


In this decade Riding Habits became famous.


These were loosely fitted gowns without Crinoline and Bustle.

Amazing style and classic trends is what Victorian era offers us. These women lived in style with their very own twist. Love this era a lot... I hope you like it too...:)


  1. this is a nice post. very informative and vintage. :))

  2. The dresses were gorgeous but we aren't jealous of the corsets! ;)

    Please out our blog & our latest post :)

    T & J


  3. I love this! I had the chance to go to Bath to see their Fashion museum, and they did a coverage on dresses from this era. It was lovely! xx


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