Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The "T" Story....

So here is the background...imagine you have to get up early for the college and its pouring cats and dogs!! Your bed is screaming "Come to me honey!" but your alarm screaming "Get up lazy bones!". A not so typical but yet typical start to this lazygul's day. I look into my closet and find that my mood is at the rock bottom and I would like to go for something simple today. With such heavy rains knee length pants and Bata shoes have become something like "My thing".So to go for a simple look with it, I pick up a Tee shirt. Looking into the mirror I think, " Hey this "T" definitely needs something" . One thing is that I am not usually a person of accessorising a Tee. But I really don't know what got into me today! I did it! In a simple way but I did! Its kind of an achievement for me! Yay!! Hehehehe....

What I learned today:
1. Accessorising Tee shirts can be fun :)
2. With a plain T you can go with vibrant and different contrast colours with belts, jewellaries, caps, etc.
3. With a Art and Fun T you can go with accessories relating to the T (may or may not be monochromatic) and          making your own story with it. like I tried today!

I am wearing :
Tee Shirt- From Lifestyle
Knee Length Denim
Neck Piece- From Dazzling Bling
Bracelets and Ring- From flee market.
Earring- Stolen from  Mom ;)

So guys here are the pics...(sorry they are mobile uploads so may not be clear)

Hope you guys enjoyed!! :)
Happy lazy mornings to all!! :)


  1. loved d color of ur tee !! and wow !! neckpiece frm dazzling bling is sooo cutee :D

    and I agree wd u- adding up even a single accessory can dazzle up d look !! : )

  2. i LOVEEEEEE the neck piece :D AND YOU :p LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

  3. thanks komal....Love you toooooo....:*

  4. T-shirts are always the hardest for me, because I've got one of those body types that does NOT go well with T-shirts. You look lovely! xx

  5. Thanks Arathi!! T-shirt is problem to many but even being a causal wear which we wear day-today we tend to ignore this problem....I had the same problem when I had some fats in unwanted areas...


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