Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Beauty that is YOU !!!

Oh yes, this is totally the post where I write write and write..but spare me from the boredom that I may cause you ;)...The title of this post may sound very different because the thought that I am sharing today is also different. Related to fashion or not that you decide....

Beauty, fashion, glamour, style, looks and such other words are interlinked in different ways. Separation of it is possible but we beg to differ...I saw this documentary on TV regarding Anorexia and Bulimia , which made me think about this post. There are people who are so enticed by this glamorous world that they get these disorders in them. Yes, where we need to gain we have to sacrifice a little but so much that your existence may be in danger is not the option. True beauty is lost within this process.

So, then what is true beauty? And how to safeguard it? 
From my point of view beauty is your love for yourself, inside and out!! Then, the question comes that, what if I don't like certain things about me? I say acceptance is the key!! We need to accept who we are and how we are to us as well as others. It doesn't mean you can't strive to correct the things that you think are wrong with you but do it with caution reminding yourself that you are beautiful at every stage.

Nurturing this beauty that is YOU is most important. In simple language ' Just Love Yourself ' ! Love your body, your structure, your size, your style and You.

Can't do it? Why not try my suggestion...I used to hate my asymmetrical face with a huge nose...but one day I started to love it!! How?? An exercise helped me.....
After getting up everyday...look in the such time we see our negative things first....see them...comment, " I don't like_____ about me, BUT I love it any way!!" Smile and start with your daily the end of the day do the same....Sometimes screaming the same also helps...but others might think your have gone mad!! Hehehe....But it helps to release the frustration regarding it....:)

Love your self because True Beauty lies within you!! Fashion, glamour, style, etc will come running to you with your true beauty!!

The True Beauty is YOU!!:)


  1. Great post !! I too believe that True beauty is being onself !!!

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  2. great post !


  3. That was a lovely thought and an equally good post :D

  4. My post Thou art beautiful was inspired from this post of yours...sorry i had forgotten to tag you earlier in a hurry...hope you didn't mind the delay ...thnx a tonne for your comment.


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