Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The "T" Story....

So here is the background...imagine you have to get up early for the college and its pouring cats and dogs!! Your bed is screaming "Come to me honey!" but your alarm screaming "Get up lazy bones!". A not so typical but yet typical start to this lazygul's day. I look into my closet and find that my mood is at the rock bottom and I would like to go for something simple today. With such heavy rains knee length pants and Bata shoes have become something like "My thing".So to go for a simple look with it, I pick up a Tee shirt. Looking into the mirror I think, " Hey this "T" definitely needs something" . One thing is that I am not usually a person of accessorising a Tee. But I really don't know what got into me today! I did it! In a simple way but I did! Its kind of an achievement for me! Yay!! Hehehehe....

What I learned today:
1. Accessorising Tee shirts can be fun :)
2. With a plain T you can go with vibrant and different contrast colours with belts, jewellaries, caps, etc.
3. With a Art and Fun T you can go with accessories relating to the T (may or may not be monochromatic) and          making your own story with it. like I tried today!

I am wearing :
Tee Shirt- From Lifestyle
Knee Length Denim
Neck Piece- From Dazzling Bling
Bracelets and Ring- From flee market.
Earring- Stolen from  Mom ;)

So guys here are the pics...(sorry they are mobile uploads so may not be clear)

Hope you guys enjoyed!! :)
Happy lazy mornings to all!! :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

LFW Winter Festive 2011 - Picking the best in every 1....

Lakhme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2011 was over just this week and I have been updating myself each day with help of its page on facebook (here) and it's official site (here) . It became my daily activity to pick out my favourite design from each designer's collection. Today while thinking of doing a new post it clicked me to show you guys my picks from this amazing Week. These below designs inspired me, kept me staring at the screen for long time and made me think with my eyes popping out. Here I present you my favourite designs in order of the schedule of the Fashion Week. Photos are taken from its official page (here) .

Aug-16 : Opening By Rohit Bal

Aug 17 : Day 1

Urmi Ghosh, Siddharth Arya, Farah Sanjana & Theresa James & Roger Prince. 

Mohammed Javed Khan, Thinles & Nirajana, Nikhil Thampi & Shashank Raj & Prajwal.

Aug 18 : Day 2

Aug 19 : Day 3

Aug 20 : Day 4

Aug 21 : Day 5

Aug 21 : Grande Finale by Manish Malhotra

Hope you liked my picks  !! Enjoy!! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sewing....Basic Experiments !!

When I was a kid I always fancied my grandma's old sewing machine with big wheels and paddle...I had no clue what it was used for then except that we played "Train Train" ( Yes, me and my brother invented this game...crazy...I know) with it. My this fascination took a good turn when my mom replaced the old machine( still miss it ) with the new Usha all in one machine. I was in awe with the things which could be done by this simple looking machine.

That was it...it was decided then and there that I need to learn how to sew and make wonders with this new machine. This was obviously going to help in my future dreams of becoming a fashion designer So, I joined a sewing class in our local area which has the BEST teacher to teach. For first one month we were taught the basics which included all kids wear. I made a cute frock too. :)
I couldn't resist not sharing this with you guys. Have a look at the basics I made in this class.

An underwear for 1-2 year old girl

An underwear for 1-2 year old boy

Slip with pleats for 2-3 year old girl.

Plain slip for 1 year old.

Frock for 2-3 year old girl.

Aren't these all cute and adorable?
I love them...hope you guys like it too... :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Victorian Bliss....

I simply love the Victorian Fashion Era....The women had an excellent style to present themselves and remarkably good taste in fashion....I think it is an era in which fashion sought a constant change...Women became open to the new trends and there were loads of  risky but successful experiments done..... This era lasted from 1840's to later 1890's. The different changes in the trends and the lovely experiments makes this era worth studying. Below I present you pictures that would show you how trends and styles changed in various decades of this era....

The 1840's and 1850's

The dresses in these decades consisted of Crinoline, Ruffled Petticoats and Corsets.


This decade was lace fanatic and Bustle came into use.


The uncorseted dress were introduced for informal events.


In this decade Riding Habits became famous.


These were loosely fitted gowns without Crinoline and Bustle.

Amazing style and classic trends is what Victorian era offers us. These women lived in style with their very own twist. Love this era a lot... I hope you like it too...:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Friendship Day!!

I had amazing time yesterday with my college as well as school friends....College friends I meet them regularly but school friends are rare sight...so meeting them after long time was fun... !! A lovely friendship day  in all....!!

 This is what I had worn :-

Top- Lifestyle
Necklace and Ring- Here
Bracelet- Gift from aunt
Shoes- Bata
Clutch- From Sikkim

Hope you guys had great time like I did!! Enjoy!! :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Keeping My Motto Alive with my BFF...shopping...

In July I had written a blog on my new motto "Going Bold with Accessories" (here) and that is what I have been doing since then . For any girl shopping is her BFF and since Friendship Day is tomorrow I would love to dedicate this post to this best friend of mine. Shopping is a stress buster for me. It relaxes me to the very core and when the perfect thing which you have been looking for is found and shopped then there is this eternal satisfaction......just woww......So, in this month this is what I shopped to keep my motto "Going Bold with Accessories" alive.

The items below where shopped in Lifestyle(here) and of brand Ginger :-

Shopping at Lifestyle

I shopped for the items below  at Colaba Causeway :-

Shopping at Colaba Causeway

Happy Friendship Day to all!! :)
Happy Shopping!!:)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Beauty that is YOU !!!

Oh yes, this is totally the post where I write write and write..but spare me from the boredom that I may cause you ;)...The title of this post may sound very different because the thought that I am sharing today is also different. Related to fashion or not that you decide....

Beauty, fashion, glamour, style, looks and such other words are interlinked in different ways. Separation of it is possible but we beg to differ...I saw this documentary on TV regarding Anorexia and Bulimia , which made me think about this post. There are people who are so enticed by this glamorous world that they get these disorders in them. Yes, where we need to gain we have to sacrifice a little but so much that your existence may be in danger is not the option. True beauty is lost within this process.

So, then what is true beauty? And how to safeguard it? 
From my point of view beauty is your love for yourself, inside and out!! Then, the question comes that, what if I don't like certain things about me? I say acceptance is the key!! We need to accept who we are and how we are to us as well as others. It doesn't mean you can't strive to correct the things that you think are wrong with you but do it with caution reminding yourself that you are beautiful at every stage.

Nurturing this beauty that is YOU is most important. In simple language ' Just Love Yourself ' ! Love your body, your structure, your size, your style and You.

Can't do it? Why not try my suggestion...I used to hate my asymmetrical face with a huge nose...but one day I started to love it!! How?? An exercise helped me.....
After getting up everyday...look in the mirror...at such time we see our negative things first....see them...comment, " I don't like_____ about me, BUT I love it any way!!" Smile and start with your daily work....at the end of the day do the same....Sometimes screaming the same also helps...but others might think your have gone mad!! Hehehe....But it helps to release the frustration regarding it....:)

Love your self because True Beauty lies within you!! Fashion, glamour, style, etc will come running to you with your true beauty!!

The True Beauty is YOU!!:)

Monday, August 1, 2011

My First OOTD post!!!

So guys, 1st day of August and I wanted to try something new....OOTD(Outfit of the Day) was on my mind for a very long time...but for this spontaneous boost to at last do it, I didn't have any new outfit to show.....so I decided to do it any way with one of my older outfit which I love!!!
Here are the pics!!:)

I had worn:-
Sliver polka dotted black hairband
Sweater top from Green Channel
Necklace (here) from flea market
Blue knee length denim pants