Friday, July 22, 2011

Make Up Love...

I and make up have a long started when I was a little kiddo desperately wanting my mum to paint my lips with her lovely shades of lip-stick. I have a picture of mine on my 7th birthday with rosy red cheeks and same coloured lips. Mum says I refused to go out without my make-up done!! It was an innocent infatuation which turned into love.

There is no perfect reason for doing this post but there is indeed a story. When I was nagging all my friends from school,building,college,etc. to check my facebook page (here) , one of my childhood friend saw it and after a long time there was a chat window with her name saying "So at last you fulfilled your fashion desires", I said " Yaa :) ". Then her very next sentence shocked me,"Remember your water make-up??", my mind went like 'water make-up???'.....'WATER MAKE_UP!!!!' She reminded me of this funny idea I had when I was small...I would take paint brush and make designs by water drops on our faces....though it lasted for very few minutes I had a great pride creating it!!

So, obviously I had to dedicate one post for my this love for make-up. I know many girls love make-up like I do. It is a lovely art through which we express ourselves. Make-up differs from person to might want to go bold with it but other might want to have a subdued look.
For every day look from my opinion must include(basic) a good base like foundation,sunscreen,powder,etc for protection of your skin(as per your skin type), khol, lip gloss and eye-liner or mascara.

Below is my first experiment with actual make-up!!

Since pink is my favourite colour(as you all know by now :P) I did my first experiment with it!!:)

The base colour is light pink and the shadow effect is given by purple with a touch of eye-liner and mascara!!!

Fill your life like and with a make-up colour palette because life is too good to be as simple as black and white. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monsoon Survival...

Monsoon is my favourite season for I can go on staring the beauty of the rains from my window....But what happens when I have to go out is different story to tell.The first thought that comes to my mind is what not to wear. Many people don't realise that with season our wardrobe should also change because an outfit which may work for summer's may not necessarily work for rains. So guys monsoons are here but are you ready???? No, then here are some tips for transition of your wardrobe for summer to winter.

Dress Code- Heavy weight material clothes which take zillion years to dry are a strict NO, the reason being that if they don't dry properly they get a distinct stink which does not go even after we empty out our deodorant bottles. Materials which stick to your body or become translucent after getting wet should be avoided. Such clothes tend to show all the unwanted areas which we try to hide after we get drenched. Wear light material clothes and which you feel comfortable in.
In pants you can wear knee length pants or shorts. Full pants can be worn when you are wearing gum boots with them so that they are protected from the rains. A soggy pant can numb the legs by the coldness.
Dresses and skirts can also be an opition but not of lighter shades since on light shades the dirt marks can be easily visible.

Shoes- Many varieties of rainy shoes are now available in shops. Crocodile shoes, gum boots, rubber shoes, slippers, etc. I would recommend to avoid the slippers as they splash dirty rain water on the back side of your legs. Search for quick dry options so that you can avoid the stinky smell, fungus, and coldness in your legs. Wear shoes which are comfortable. If any shoes are giving you blisters I would recommend not to buy them as the blister can cause more pain in rains.
Since rainy shoes shopping becomes an one time affair for the year you may want to choose a neutral colour which goes on every outfit. Some colours may look gorgeous in stores but can go on very few outfits. Beware of such products, they won't be your money's worth.

Umbrellas and Rain coats- Fashionable umbrellas and rain coats are now available. Rain coats are now in different style, colours and patters. Umbrellas also have wide range of varieties in shapes, size, colour, type, etc. A lovely choice of any one of them or both can add amazing look to your outfit. But don't only go by the "look factor" since these things are very much necessary in rains they should mainly be judged by the quality and durability factor.

Jewellery- Even if we look out for the above things we forget our jewellery part of the outfit. Do not wear a unpolished wooden jewellery like bangles. They may start to degrade. Even jewellery which have tendencies of getting oxidized in rainy weather should be avoided as they may lead to allergies or rashes for sensitive skin type.

Make-up- For make up you may want to look for water proof mascara and Kohl. Different skin types react to change in weather differently so the foundation or compact powder whichever you use should be upgraded as per your requirements.

Enjoy the rains with the help of these tips...Happy Rains to you...:)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Feather Fetish !!!

Feather fetish is going on everywhere...we see soo many beautiful features in the market of which we can make different accessories like earring, hair-band, necklace,etc.

So my Mom and I decided to do a little experiment with Peacock feathers....and here are the results..enjoy!!

This pretty hair-band is created by me..!!

These lovely earrings are my Mom's work...

Feather Fetish...

If you wish to buy these lovely peacock feather earring then they are still available on
All The Glam
(check here)

Give the feather touch to your looks!!


Monday, July 11, 2011

XOXO...Gossip Girl...

My this post is dedicated to Gossip Girl as you know from the title...but it is not only because the series is packed with sooo many gossips,oh! so sexy ladies, handsome hunks, love entanglement and classic drama but mainly because it is a treat for the person who has an eye for fashion...high-end fashion never looked better I must say....

We see so many varieties of looks in this series from the sophisticated Blair Waldorf to the wild Serena van der Woodsen....We have good girl gone bad Jenny Humphrey to down to earth Vanessa Abrams....Oh! and don't forget the boys....from classy Chuck Bass and naughty Nate Archibald to the good boy Dan Humphrey....Because of so many different characters we viewers are treated with different stylish and sophisticated wardrobes...

The wardrobes of Blair and Serena are always worth the watch...lovely material and cuts of the gowns are always refined..The accessories are mind blowing...and make-up and hair-do is to die for....don't forget the sexiness about it all!!!
If you looking for a casual look then Vanessa and Jenny's wardrobe are perfect to capture that look...
But please don't forget the men's wear...its fascinating to see how the wardrobe changes with each male character...

Pick out the character that you feel you are close to and have fun with your new looks!!

So if you have not yet seen this show...please do see it...I am sure you'll also fall in love with the show like I did!!!

Till then....
XOXO...Gossip Girl....;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Inspiration at its best!!

I am always inspired by the nature and want to be a part of do I do that? Why don't you have a look at some of my inspirations....

Photos clicked by me...

A black pattern dress with all gold accessories....a lovely black stiletto...with a golden purse or a oh! so chic and sophisticated look!!

This makes me wear a dull Grey printed and rustic silver embroidery top paired up with black tight pants...with a high pony...metallic accessories and a daring black and silver stiletto with a silver embroidery black clutch...

This lovely flower inspires to wear a bright pink knee length skirt with dull red top and a yellow belt....with lovely red sandals, a yellow purse and accessories consisting of these colour combination!!

A white maxi dress... with different lemon yellow accessories...flats...
with this very own flower in the it a Hawaiian look!!

A loose shirt with cosy pants, messy bun and slippers..
With a cup of coffee and staring at this view in the eve....

Get inspired by natures beauty....and have a stunning look for the day!!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Going Bold With Accessories!!

One over-enthusiastic day I say to myself," Hey lets go for accessories hunting today!!" . Finding the shop is never a problem for any girl, the problem occurs when you reach there and find so many varieties of accessories. The first thought that comes to the mind, "grab it all" because we are so confused. I always was very shy in shopping for accessories. So, "GOING BOLD WITH ACCESSORIES" is my new motto.

It definitely does not mean to grab any random accessories available. But to pick out the accessories which suits you or which after you wear it you don't need to think,"Oh, did I do it wrong this time?". A cute bracelet can go fantastic with a sophisticated clutch if its done right.

Never be shy and just try! Because accessories are an important part of any wardrobe. They are key to any kind of look you wish to showcase!

So go have fun with jewellerys, handbags, belts, sunglasses, scarves, bow ties and many more!!! Relish the joy!! Enjoy shopping for Accessories!!


Thursday, July 7, 2011


In this techno world we find hand embroidery a bit forgotten.
Embroidery can bring life to a dress.
It includes thread work , bead work or both.
It gives different character to your garment.

The below work is done by me.

Fall in love with embroidery all over again!!!

Bead Work

Thread Work

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Lace Effect

We are always scared of applying laces to an outfit thinking it would be just too much. But in fashion there is never too much. A good lace can give a fantastic effect to a material.

I had done to my mom's saree. The threads on the edge of saree were coming out so I covered the edge with this golden lace.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make Over Bangles!!

Bored of the same dull bangles you had bought long back ago?

Here are some of the ways through which you can make a fashion statement by giving your old bangles a NEW look!!!