Saturday, June 11, 2016

DIY necklaces week

The weekend has kicked off with first showers of the year and aren't we all glad for some break from the heat. Though the weekend seems promising, my week was a good DIY productive time. I did three basic designs of necklace which are on trend this season.

The Tassel Necklace
The first one I tried was this tassel necklace. I did the same process as in my post for DIY - Tassel Earrings but here I took more strands of threads and added star buttons then tied it to the string of pearls.
The Tassel Necklace

The Crooked Love Triangle Pendant
The second one is something that I was inspired by my metal accessories post . I twisted a metal wire into a design that had been on my mind for a very long time.

The Crooked Love Triangle Pendant

Basic Choker
The simplest of the lot. This I made just by taking a velvet lace and stitching press buttons at both ends. It was a perfect companion for my trial with my new smokey eye palette.

Keeping myself productive busy for a while. Do let me know if you like these simple necklaces in the comments below.

Until next time,

Lazygirl <3

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wave-ward Bound

It is truly an amazing experience to take a few days off and enjoy a life of uselessness even for a few days. Ponder into your real life for a bit and then just sit back and relax. May be read a soothing book to keep you company while travelling through roads unknown or just take in the scenic beauty; it all becomes part of it.

While on my short vacation to the Konkan area of Maharashtra a week back, I experienced bliss on the very first day. Our first stop was near Karde beach in Dapoli. No good network on our phones was irritating to the digitally connected selves that we were but as we stayed there and started to enjoy the shore, we realised there was no need for the same. It was a much needed detachment to  appreciate the pristine beach in front of us.

Our hotel was opposite to the beach and so a walk on the beach at sunset was first thing we did. I still remember the wind blowing in my hair and the fine, soft, black sand comforting my feet. Coincidentally my outfit was something that complemented the charcoal-grey sand. The names of the cities on my dress seemed ironic with respect to the peaceful place.

What I wore:
Dress ; Ginger (Lifestyle)
Cover-up jacket : Ginger (Lifestyle)
Sandals : Bata
Neckpiece : Gifted

This one is going to be tucked in my memory for a very long period of time. Do share with me some of your amazing vacation experiences in the comments.

Until next time,