Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Forever Featuring Forever

Likelihood of some bonds staying forever are minimal. But the ones that do are an intrinsic part of our lives. One such bond in my life is with my best friend. With our highs and lows, we have been through all in this amazing roller coaster journey of 10 years. The drama will go on, I know, but with maturity comes steadiness. She has been through all my phases, especially the one involving me being possessive about her. Still, she anchors me to my roots and corrects me whenever I am at fault. From our study sessions to late night gossips, from her school days energetic good morning wishes to the current stage of supporting each other via texts, I cherish it all. I hope we keep enjoying and laughing this way forever. 

Source of the picture is linked to the picture

About the outfit: 
Keeping in mind the summer trend of Denim, I was in look out for Denim shirt for ages. At last I found one at the prelaunch of Forever21 store at Phoenix Market City, Pune, for which I was fortunate to get invited to. Such classics are keepers in any wardrobe, as they can be dressed up or down with the situations. I tried to style it up in a simple way by adding a touch of gold. This was for a friend's birthday brunch. 

What I wore:
Denim Shirt - Forever 21
Gold and black pouch - Forever 21 
Ring - Causeway
Necklace - Kala Ghoda
Chappals - Local store.
Glares - Gift from a friend.

Let me know how are you styling your Denims this summer in the comments below.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

For a Change, Color me Red!

“No, don’t throw that, it can still be used”, said my grandmother when I was about to throw a tea strainer in the dustbin. It was old, had some cuts and we already had a new strainer just waiting to be used since months.  But, I think my grandmother was just not yet ready to switch to a new one. That made me wonder, is such small change that scary too? Or is it just our attachment to things that do not let us go of them?

Sheldon from Big Bang Theory in season 7 faced so many changes, major one like Leonard & Penny deciding to live together now that they are engaged. Even a small change like bringing a dining table seemed difficult for him. So are we really that afraid of change? I think yes. From my personal experience it is difficult. 

I was always apprehensive about hair coloring. Though at times tempting, I had a mind block about it. It will definitely make my hair weak or what if my hair becomes rough or what if it doesn't suit me, so lets not color. Change in the color or texture of my hair was the scariest part. But, secretly I always wished for at least a streak colored.

I finally tried it today. My friends and I went to a friend's place whose mom runs a beauty salon. While my friends were getting their hair colored, I was tempted to try at least a streak, but was afraid of the change. In spur of moment I decided to come out of my comfort zone and try it. Why not? It's just a streak! So, along with my friends, even I got a Red colored streak.

I am very happy with my new red streak. Something different which I never imagined in my wildest of dream to be possible for me (unless I turn older and then have to dye my hair out of necessity). I guess it was just me being afraid of change.

Hope you have a happy week ahead!

Until next time,