Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY Demin I

Its been months now that I have written a blog post because of excuses- too busy, too lazy.  I am kind of ashamed of it. I am (at last) rejuvenating my blog by a diy post. Denim diy is a part of my college assignment where we had to make three articles made up of used denims. 

Every closet has an old jeans lying around for no good reasons. Doing a denim diy might help you in using it in a very creative way. Doing Denim diys is real fun because denim is a very sturdy fabric with flexibility. There are so many diys online that you can refer to. The one in this post is about making a basic flower out of denim. These can be used to make necklace, brooch, hairband or part of any other accessories. I got this idea after working out on an idea for a necklace for my college assignment. These flowers are very easy and can be done in an hour. 

Old denims
Needle and thread
Fabric glue
For necklace- velvet lace / For hairband- a basic black hairband.

First cut denim in basic flower shape of 4 petals. Here I have used two different denims and reversed their sides to get different colours.

Then place them on top of each other from the largest one being on the base and smallest one being in the front.

Stitch all these layers together.

Now to make a necklace, cut a base in shape of a bib-necklace.

and stick (fabric glue) /stitch the flowers, according  to your design, on the base.

Now, punch hole in areas shown below.

Next, take two velvet lace around 10" each and put through the holes and knot it in the back. The necklace is ready.

To make a hairband, just make a 3" flower and attach it to a circular felt base of 1/2" radius. Now attach this to a normal hairband.

As I said before its very easy and cool. Do try it out!!

Have an amazing day ahead!! :)


Monday, December 24, 2012

Did you know??- Make-up !!

Make-up has become part and parcel of  our life. It not only helps to beautify our natural self but also gives boost to our confidence.

So from where did this 'Make-up' word originated from? All thanks to chemist and cosmetician extraordinaire Max Factor the founder of Max Factor and Company. He started as a wig maker but with his knowledge of chemistry he replaced the earlier greasepaint used by actors with a cream-based greasepaint which didn't crack and continued to invent different products.He is know as the Father of Modern Make-up.

He was the first person to use 'Make- up' as a noun form and popularized it. He is not only the founder of our modern day make-up but also the genius behind naming it make-up.